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What is Ofuz ?

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

The goal of Ofuz is to simplify the task of managing your contacts and related duties by means of our innovative collaboration features.

Ofuz is designed for small businesses. We made it very simple to use and quick to learn.

If you already use Email and Facebook, Ofuz will feel like a natural progression.

Ofuz makes it trivial to interact with all the people in your network, including prospects, customers, vendors, employees, and co-workers.

Ofuz integrates with your web site and email client, allowing you to create new contacts and notes automatically. Users that submit a form through your site will become contacts in your Ofuz account. Further, when you send an email to someone, he or she becomes your contact in Ofuz and their email is added to your notes.

We are now in private public beta.

Ofuz Register

Ofuz Contacts

Ofuz Contacts

Ofuz Tasks

Ofuz Tasks

Ofuz Project

Ofuz Project


  • Contact management
    1. Organization by Tag (infinite level of categories)
    2. Facebook import (sync anytime with Facebook to add new friends)
    3. Google contact import (soon you can export back to your Google contacts)
    4. LinkedIn import (with csv text file)
    5. Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail contact import (using csv text files).
  • Notes, Document & Files
    1. Add notes to your contacts to track progress on a sale or work done with a customer
    2. Attach documents for a sale or project.
    3. Allow your contacts to upload files themselves
  • Tasks and follow-up
    1. Manage your to-dos
    2. Attach tasks to a contact
    3. Categorize
    4. Set due dates
  • Customer portal
    1. For each of your contacts you can share notes and files
    2. Open access to your vendors, prospects or customers so they can provide you with needed documents
    3. Eliminate emails and download problems to exchange notes and files.
  • Send Emails
    1. Send Mass mailings
    2. Opt-out option with each email sent
    3. Add merge fields to emails, personalized with your contact’s real name
    4. Manage personalized and specialized mailing lists
    5. Send announcements for new products, discounts, and sales
  • Co-Workers
    1. Invite co-workers to share contacts and projects
    2. Share the same contact with one or more co-workers
    3. Invite vendors and customers to participate in projects and share discussions, notes, & documents
    4. Decide who can see what at both the contact and project level.
  • Manage project
    1. Share projects with all the people involved
    2. Follow discussions
    3. Receive email alerts
    4. Share notes and documents
    5. Follow up on progress
    6. Organize priorities with drag-drop tasks
    7. Full email integration with dicusssions
  • Web forms
    1. Create new contacts with web forms
    2. Add web forms to your site; new contacts get added automatically
    3. Organize with tags for follow-up
  • Mobile (iPhone, Android, Palm Pre and soon Blackberry)
    1. View and search your contacts
    2. Add contacts
    3. Manage your tasks
    4. Sync in real-time with Ofuz web
  • Invoicing (coming soon)
  • Ofuz 0.3 first private beta

    Saturday, June 6th, 2009

    We are very proud to present you the first official private beta of Ofuz

    This version include all the major features we initial planned 9 months ago, this includes Facebook connect and friend import as contact, emailing capability and web forms.

    Facebook connect

    Connect to Ofuz with your facebook account. So you don’t have to remember again an other username and password.

    Using facebook connect will enable you to import your friends from Facebook in Ofuz so you can organize them with tags and add notes, tasks and documents.


    With our new emailing capability we are taking the email marketing to a respectable level.

    With the tag organization of your contacts you can now send relevelent and personalized email to a very targeted group of your network.

    Emailing with Ofuz is as effective as individual emails without having to send them one by one.

    You can create email template that you can reuse and personalize as needed saving you from retyping over and over the same email message.

    Opt-out is built in, so you don’t have to manualy remove users from list, with a single click they will opt-out them self.

    Web Forms

    Is probably the most inovative and usefull feature of this release.

    It enable you to create forms that you can insert in your web site or blog.

    When you site or blogĀ  visitorĀ  fill in the form they will be automaticaly added to your contact list in Ofuz and organized in the tag (categories) you have set.