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Keyboard short cuts

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Quick feature of the Day.

We have keyboard short cuts to get to some parts of ofuz faster.

At any time you can type:

CTRL+ALT+ N = Add a new contact

CTRL+ALT+ C = List all the contacts

CTRL+ALT+ P = List the projects

CTRL+ALT+ T = List the Tasks

Add task to a project using your email

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

This is the new feature of the day. We just added a new drop box for projects.

Now each project is associated with an email address; if you send a message to that email address it will automatically create a new task in that Project.

The project drop box email address is on the bottom left of the Project page. See the screen shot.Email drop box for the project is circled in yellow

If you’ve never used a drop box, you may wonder what those weird email addresses are everywhere.

They are email addresses to send content to Ofuz — can be a note on a contact, task, project task or task discussion.

If you have an open project you are actively working on and want to stay on top of it, even if you are not in front of a computer, then the drop box becomes handy. To begin, just add the project drop box to your address book. For example, create with a name like Project x51.  Then, any time you think of a task for that project, just send an email to that address. It can be from your smart phone, public web mail or your email client; perhaps because you don’t want to open just for adding one task.

If you have not used drop-boxes yet, try it. In your settings page you will find one area to add new tasks and one to add a note to a contacts.

Regarding the one to add notes — if you add it to your auto Bcc it will put a copy of all the emails you send attached to the appropriate contact.

Have fun, let us know what you think.