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Major new release is cooking

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

We are on the final sprint for Ofuz 0.4

The 0.4 tasks are now frozen, and all new requests and minor bug fixes will go into Ofuz 0.5

Even if we still have about 40 tasks & bugs to implement, there is a good chance that Ofuz 0.4 will be released this month.

Even if we have been adding tons of small improvements and features for the past 3 months, we have 3 major features that will go live this month:

Google Gears support

It’s a free and open source add-on created and donated by Google that you install in your web browser, like the flash plug-in.

Once installed, the application can then be used off-line.

The contact search using Google Gears is super super fast, with 2,000 contacts in an instant. For 0.4 we have implemented it as a proof of concept in the Contact management section. It’s totally usable, so if you guys like it we will extend it to additional parts of Ofuz.

Google contact Sync

This means importing and exporting your contacts from Gmail to Ofuz and Ofuz to Gmail.

For now the sync is not automated; you have to go in settings->sync and click Google to import and export contacts to Google.

We did this because some may not want all of their Ofuz contacts in gmail or do not want all of their gmail contacts in Ofuz.

So you still have a choice. Based on your feedback we will adjust this.


This is the last piece. Ofuz was initially designed to cover all the business customer relations needs from start to finish.

- Find customers by organizing your address book and working your network
- Get things done in collaboration with project management.
- Get paid

Now the “get paid” part will be in Ofuz 0.4. It was originally planned to be in Ofuz 0.5, but due to popular demand we created a initial basic version for Ofuz 0.4

In this initial version of the Invoicing we have implemented the following features:

- Create invoices
- Internationalization (currency, number formating)
- Manage payments
- Customers can view invoices online
- Online payment with Paypal or Authorize net

In 0.5 we will add:

- Recurring invoices
- Invoices attached in PDF
- Taxes
- Auto Alert on past due invoices.

I’ll give you more details on the other 40 tasks later this month…

Thanks to all the beta users for their feedback during Ofuz 0.3