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Get customers, get things done, and get paid with Ofuz 0.5

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Ofuz is pleased to announce the first public beta of our online application for Small Businesses.

Ofuz is Software as a Service that covers the full business cycle, from getting customers up to getting paid, all in a very easy to use and clean user interface.

Ofuz is composed of 4 main applications: Contact management, Task and todo manager, Project management, and Invoicing, with must-have features for all small businesses such as email marketing, file & document exchange, drop box emails, web forms, contact synchronization, time-sheets, off-line support and social network integration.

Ofuz is focused on customer relations and communication with a minimalist user interface so every feature can be understood instantly.

“Over the past 10 years we’ve collected all the needs from our small business customers, who were frustrated by not finding an Open Source package that answers those needs in a single package. We decided to build it. Today we have a fully working base that works great for us and our 200+ beta testers” says Philippe Lewicki, CEO.

“This release is the first step towards our open source strategy. The current version of Ofuz will be the base for a much larger Open Source project. With a standardized User Interface and a simple Plug-In API, developers will be able to expand Ofuz and customize Ofuz to adapt it to all types of small businesses. Our goal is to do for the business application what Drupal & WordPress did to the CMS and blogging world” continues Lewicki.

Ofuz is a fully usable application open to all small business looking to get control of their leads, todos, documents, and payments.

About Ofuz
Ofuz ( ) is a startup based in Los Angeles, CA.
It is funded ($250,000) and created by SQLFusion ( ) an Open Source support, software development and incubator company based in Southern California. Created in 2003, SQLFusion also developed MailFusion, FormFusion, Open Source Fusion, Drag Drop Sitecreator, Radria, Mashtweet and YogaGlo.