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“Your Freelance Command Center” by

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 did a nice review of Ofuz with screen shot and all.

Ofuz is seriously one of the best apps for freelancers/small business owners I’ve seen in a long time

From twitter

They gave us a 4.5 score which is one of the top scores,
Thank you guys

We are taking notes of your suggestion on expenses and integration with stronger accounting applications. is a great review site for web application, they actually review and test the applications they talk about.
Its a great place to find good web app for your business or personal use.

Entrepreneurial resources

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Marcus P. Zillman added Ofuz to his Entrepreneurial resources list of useful tools.

Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A. Author/Speaker/Consultant.

Time management with Ofuz online time tracking

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Timesheets made their official appearance in Ofuz a few weeks back.

We’ve been playing around with the concept for some time. So today we decided to release the first draft of what will become a powerful time management application.

In this first version we’re covering:

  • Tracking your time on a contact or client.
  • Tracking time on tasks in a project.
  • Viewing your and your co-workers’ daily work logs,  notes, and time recorded.
  • Total time for all client & project tasks, weekly or monthly.

Online time tracking, time management, and timesheets are wide subjects so the goal of this initial version is to offer very simple, non-intrusive features to cover as much usage as possible. They are tons of good reasons to track your time and no reason for not doing it. Time is the most precious resource we have.

Homer Every Day from Noah K. on Vimeo.

Time tends to just pass, so tracking time is a good start. But being able to come back and review what was done during the recorded time is precious.

So we attached a time entry section to notes. You can add a note to a Contact or in a Project discussion, and using that note you can enter an amount of time, in hours, related to the time spent.

The idea is to not only track time but to be able to come back to it and see, “where did my time go?”

I often have that feeling that the day just flies by and at the end I get this frustration of not having done anything.

So I keep a record of all my activity throughout the day. For each client or task I work on, I enter a short description of what I did along with the number of hours I spent doing it.

This creates a kind of work log that’s very useful. If I go in my Dashboard and click “Notes & Discussion” I can view all the daily activity like a chronological journal of the day’s events.

If I share project or contacts with my coworkers, I can also see their activity on those contact and projects.

Ofuz daily discussion and note view

Daily work log of project discussions and contact notes

To get a total of all the time spent by contact, I click on the Timesheet tab where I can filter by Month or Week.

It will display all the time I’ve recorded and all the time recorded by my co-workers on the projects and contacts we share.

Ofuz Timesheet

Monthly Timesheet

Timesheets are used to record time you spend on a contact or on tasks in a project.

To record some time you spent on a contact or  in a project task discussion, start by adding a note and click on the ” More Options” link.

Expend notes options

Expend the Notes options

It will pop up a long list of options associated with your note including the Hours Worked.

Ofuz Record time

Record time in the Hours Worked field

Type the hours with a short summary or note related to those hours entered as a reference.

It works the same way on project discussion notes. For each note you can add time and adjust that time when you edit the discussion.