No news is good news

Quick update on what we are up to.

Didn’t have time to write much to the blog as we are spending all of our energy on the open source release of Ofuz.

We are very excited about it; we are preparing all the cool stuff we wanted to have in an open source project.

Our challenge is to make it simple for developers to customize and extend Ofuz without the need to learn how the Ofuz Core works. So we are creating 3 APIs: Block, Tab, and Setting, each with very simple hook logic so in a few minutes a developer can integrate his own code and customization in Ofuz open source without modifying the Ofuz Core.

The plug-in API is 80% done, the multilingual i18n is 100% done, the forum and wiki are up and running, but the documentation is still only at 10%.

Everybody that requests an alert on our Open Source Page will have an early access to the source code downloads and community site.

In the meantime, we have fixed tons of little bugs and annoyances on Ofuz. You can follow the development of version 0.6 at:

Stay tuned.

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