Ofuz 0.6.2 is out … the Twitter release

Good news today: We are releasing a new version of Ofuz.

Online and for download on your own server.

The Twitter Release

There aren’t many new features this time because we are working hard towards the Version 1.0 release: full, stable, and getting out of beta. So hundreds and hundreds of hours have been spent in fixing bugs and improving features that weren’t fully working. The next major release will probably follow this trend as well.

One of the things we are doing to reach the goal of a very stable system is to move all the experimental and not yet ready for production features to plug-ins.

So for releases 0.6.3 to 0.7 we will have fewer features but more plugins.

A big improvement on the Open Source / community release is that we actually tested the Open Source download version; it is much more stable than the previous one.

New features includes:

Source code highlight

It’s a cool feature for developers when sharing source code snippets in notes & project discussions.

To use it, add <sourcecode> </sourcecode> around your source code.

If you have a specific language, add it in the tag like:  <sourcecode php>, <sourcecode javascript> or <sourcecode css>

Twitter full rewrite
Our initial implementation of the Tweet import was using the Twitter public RSS feeds. The issue was that they were down most of the time, creating tons of unexpected problems.
So we went for a full rewrite with the Twitter API.
The main features are:
- Broadcast private messages to your followers.
- Follow the tweets of your friends or followers.
- log in with Twitter.

Ofuz is not a replacement for Twitter UI or some of the great Twitter application out there. But it make sense to be able to follow and record the tweets of some of your professional contacts. Specifically, the ones you need to follow when you are working.

Broadcasting private messages is an experiment. It comes from our concept that a Customer Relation app should be able to use all channels of communication, not only email.
So when you decide to send a mailing, if your contact doesn’t have an email address and is following you on Twitter, the message will be sent to his/her Twitter private message inbox.

Twitter login will let connect your Ofuz account with your Twitter account, so you can then forget your Ofuz password and always log in with your Twitter credentials.

This release includes a lot of bug fixes and adjustments like usual, including:
- bug fixed on the VCF import
- bug fixed when updating the Settings information page
- bug fixed in the Google login
- New process and start page for new users
- Improved the co-worker invitation process; it’s simpler and smoother
- utf8 bug fixed in tasks & tags
- bug fix when adding multiple phone numbers or email addresses to contacts

You can follow our development and progress on the version 0.7 at:

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