Ofuz Documentation

This is the general Ofuz documentation, mainly for developers and designer to customize, extend or integrate the open source version of Ofuz.


Ofuz uses PHP and MySQL it requires PHP 5 and MySQL 5.

Download Ofuz from http://www.ofuz.com/opensource/download.php

Then follow this tutorial to get it installed: Install

If you are adventurous and can't wait for the next release you can install from source: Install from source

Using Ofuz

We have created a couple a basic administration pages to edit Messages and email templates.


We created a plug-in API to easily plug your own customization or application into Ofuz, we also document a few objects and process we use in Ofuz Core.


We are using gettext for multi language support and have implement custom tools to translate Messages and email templates.

We created a web portal: trans.ofuz.net

With an Ofuz Plug-in called: i18n and Entrans to translate all the strings.

If you want to do it the old fashion way we have some detailed information on translating gettext strings:

Translation files

Translation of Messages and Emailtemplates

Ofuz PlugIn

Ofuz Plug-in allows developers to extend Ofuz with new features.

PlugIn API

The documentation describes:

If you have created a plug-in please send us the information so we can add it and link it from this wiki.

PlugIn List


If you need to integrate Ofuz with an existing application we have started a REST API to manage contacts and invoicing. This can enable you to integrate registration process and online payment with Ofuz from an existing site or application.

Contact REST API

Invoice REST API

Coding standards

To make it easy for your code to be included in Ofuz follow our coding standards.

Reusable Objects

Web applications for small businesses often share the sames objects so instead of having to solve the problem each time here are a few reusable object that will save you a lot of time.

Right now I've documented objects related to sending emails, displaying and managing messages and displaying lists.


Ofuz includes a series of Classes and method to standardize the process of sending emails.

Email Template

Send Emails to Contacts

Send Emails to Ofuz users



Accross Ofuz you may have seen messages in the yellow square box, most of them are managed and display with the Message or BaseMessageBlock Object. It store all the messages in a database table for easy editing and manipulation. One of its features are internationalization and display random messages grouped on a context.


Its like the Facebook News Feed but for work stuff.


User Settings

Few simple methods to manage users settings in a central repository.


Ofuz List

OfuzList is a class that display a list of data. This is a new project and just for reference for Ofuz Core developers. The goal is to create an object that will manage flat list with prebuilt javascript for actions like multi select and sortable.

Radria, Zend, Dojo, jQuery

Ofuz is based on a number of frameworks, knowing those framework is not required to extend Ofuz but if you dig deep it will be helpfull

Notes on core modules


We started improving our source code documentation, but right now its a mess. But if you are adventurous here is the latest version generated for Ofuz 0.6 |Source code documentation

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