Translate Messages & Email Templates

The messages files and gettext will manage the translation of all the small strings but to translate database content like the in application messages (the big yellow stuff) and all the email templates we created a set of tools.

So we created 2 scripts one for the msg and one for the email template using the Google Translate API to speed up things.


Configuring the scripts

Edit each of the script and set your base language and target language

  $src_lng = "en_US";
  $dest_lng = "fr_FR";

scr_lng is the source language and dest_lng destination language.

you can find and edit these lines of code in the following files:



Here is a list of language_country codes: locales_list At this point we suggest to use en_US as source language as its the most complete set of message.


Then call the script on your web browser:

It will load the email templates one by one. In the language source you selected. Click on the Translate button and it will call Google translate to translate the email template.

Make the needed adjustment and click save and the next message will load.

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