Setting Tab

Its a tab that will display in the setting sections. The setting tab follow the same logic as the Tab api.

Setting tab hook

In your plug-in configuration file add a Setting Tab object to the ArrayIterator $GLOBALS['cfg_setting_tab_placement']

  // Hook to display the tab Settings.
   $GLOBALS['cfg_setting_tab_placement']->append(new TabSetting("SamplePlugIn"));
                                        ->setTabName("Sample Plugin Setting")
                                        ->setTitle("Sample Plug In Setting or configuration sample")
                                        ->setPages(Array ("SettingContentSample"))

The TabSetting constructor accept the plugin name as a parameter. setTabName() will set the name of the tab, its also the name displayed. setTitle() will display the purple title for the user to identify on which page or type of setting he is. setPages() are the different pages that will be display under that tab. (needed for the tab to stay highlighted.) setDefaultPage() its the page the users will arrive on when they click on the tab.

All the page name are set without the .php extension

Setting Tab Content

You can access your setting tab with a URL like:


The ContentPage or the SettingContentSample are in your plugin folder as

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