Plug in API

To extend Ofuz without modifying the core we have created an API, by using this API the changes you make to Ofuz that are not part of the core development will be safe on future updates and upgrade of the application.

Ofuz uses the following frameworks: Radria, Zend, Dojo & Jquery.

The best way to get started its to download the Sample Plug-in, its a basic empty plug-in that contains the base classes you need to hook your application into Ofuz.

You have 3 main type of elements that can be hooked in the core applications. Blocks, Tabs and configuration settings.



  • Contact_block, Tutorial on creating a block in the contact page with contact data.

Structure of a Plug-in

All plug in are installed in the plug in folder in their own sub folder. A configuration file give information on the plug-in and which classes to load.


Configuration file

its a php file that set variables for the hooks and classes and content to includes.

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